My dad gave our 2 month old English bulldog puppy a taste of strawberry Popsicle today. This is true happiness.

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i think the best thing about don draper is his hatred of harry crane

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the only advice you need in life


the only advice you need in life

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William looks like he’s thinking, “Geez, son, settle down!” in the first gif! Haha

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the great thing about coffee: it cures exhaustion at 11 pm and enables you to write a bomb ass paper

The bad thing about coffee: it’s now 3 am and the only thing I want to do is cha cha real smooth

i cant believe caffeine was the only drug i was on when i wrote this

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great moments in my life

  • when joan dumped her husband
  • when trudy dumped pete
  • when betty dumped don

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Betty White eating a hot dog

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the whole “you’re a virgin whats wrong with you???” mentality really needs to stOP 

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#GirlsCan: Women Empowerment | COVERGIRL | Girls can’t? Yes, they can. Rap, be funny, be off-the-wall, rock, be strong, run the show, make the world a little more easy, breezy and beautiful.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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